This post was sponsored by Well Beginnings. I want to thank Well beginnings for inviting me to experience their new diaper line at a daytime party filled with pleased babies and holiday treats.

Hot cocoa bar with lots of other sweet treats will amp up kids of every age!

This early Christmas party got me thinking about the joys and stresses of having a brand new baby at the holidays!

So, I recently attended a party with a dozen pleased babies and toddlers. The little ones were dressed in their cute Christmas outfits and the house was beautifully decorated like we stepped out of a Pinterest board. The hot cocoa bar was decked out with mix-ins, and the sweet treats were calling my name. The not-my kids were completely adorable — until they all maxed out on sugar. The gathering reminded me of numerous Christmases past.

Baby Colby is ready for the holidays. What about mama Erin?

One of the things that stresses me out about the holidays — and there are so numerous — is that I think my children need to meet other people’s expectations of behavior. I concerned that my infant was likely to cry or poop rather than coo and giggle, and I continue to get worked up hoping against all odds that my big boys will always say “please” and take turns. If it is your first holiday season with a baby in tow and you’re as anxious as I was, you’ll be concerned about leaking, sweating, crying, pooping, sleeping, and nursing.

Baby Levi goes for the earrings. Well beginnings diapers hanging tough.

Let’s talk about diaper anxiety. will I have enough? will they leak at just the wrong time? Let’s just agree: nobody wants a diaper blow-out on Grandpa’s velour sweatsuit or Nana’s silk duvet.

7 diaper fails that tension me out during holiday gatherings:

Up the back in a baby carrier. Ci sono stato. Ick. (Seriously, why does this always happen in the airport?)

My baby’s in the cutest outfit he owns.

Grandma’s beautiful antique quilt ain’t exactly device washable.

I’m wearing a new sweater. and it’s cashmere.

We’re in the middle of a long flight — hope we brought enough!

The on-the-go changing table is in the back of my car — no sink.

Uncle Chad refuses to change diapers. Periodo.

For all those reasons and lots more, I want to stuff all my bags, pouches, and pockets with high-quality diapers. If I had much more cleavage, I’d put diapers, or maybe wipes, in there, too. Is that a thing mothers do?

Well beginnings diapers let Colby relax on this white blanket worry-free

What me, worry? Okay, fine, I never leave home without a stash of plastic bags for wet clothes and soiled diapers.

About Well Beginnings
All the babies at the Well beginnings party were taking the new diapers for a spin. Well beginnings premium-quality diapers diapers and wipes (exclusive to Walgreens) shown themselves to be soft and absorbent. Soft liners with nearly baby-proof leak protection implies they’re worth a try. because I live about two blocks from my closest Walgreens, depending on the house brand there is a major convenience.

The toddler guests were walking, twisting, dancing and wriggling away from mama (and toward the cookies!) with a common maneuverability that can leave numerous top diapers lacking. I was pleased to see that the active little people could remain focused on chasing down the sweets without worrying about their bums. At $6.99 per package, Well beginnings are a well-priced alternative to big brands.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings. photos of pleased babies and piles of diapers were taken by me. Tutti i diritti riservati.

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