Costruire la tua scatola di costumi: costume da baby drago di Halloween

Ho visto alcune idee carine per i costumi di Halloween fatti in casa su Lo shtick per la loro storia in costume sta usando oggetti che hai in casa. Adoro l’eco-Geekery di quell’idea.

Questo drago per bambini è un paio di pigiami, un berretto da bambino in stile pilota e spugne! Tira fuori la pistola per colla a caldo, piccola.

Il problema con questo costume fotografico è che tuo figlio non sarebbe in grado di sedersi in un seggiolino o passeggino mentre lo indossa. Oh, riviste genitoriali. In alcuni casi dimentichi che viviamo nel mondo reale, non negli studi fotografici.

Ecco la mia opinione sul costume di Spongey Dragon:

Taglia una lunghezza di nastro per tutto il tempo necessario per correre dalla corona della testa del bambino alla parte posteriore delle sue ginocchia.

Incolla le fette di spugna sul nastro

Porta il tuo nastro carico di spugne e una manciata di spille di sicurezza nella destinazione di Halloween.

Quando arrivi, attaccare il nastro a testa, al collo, tra le spalle e la parte superiore di Tushy, lasciando spazio a movimenti

Questo metodo ti consentirà di vestire tuo figlio a strati o di utilizzare una felpa con cappuccio invece di jammies se il tempo di ottobre (o i più esigenti bambini) richiedono qualcosa di inaspettato.

Guarda le 9 idee per i costumi realizzate a mano dalla rivista Parents.

Learn to wear dispute like You wear lingerie

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What do a black lace teddy as well as dispute have in common? If you’re in either of them as well long, they can creep into locations they were never developed to go. And, when they do, uh. . . you’ve got much more difficulty than a bit discomfort.

Lasciatemi spiegare. I’ve had the unpleasant experience of using a teddy for eight hours. I was a 22 year-old newlywed. I laughed in the deal with of gravity, as well as flight terminal safety and security was nothing like it is today. After an prolonged company trip, I wished to surprise my other half so I flew house from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Lawton, Oklahoma –829 miles–wearing nothing however a black teddy as well as an overcoat.

What I meant for great didn’t turn out so good. winter season storms as well as weather condition delays turned a 2-hour trip into an eight-hour teddy induced wedgie-wearing nightmare. My booty was on fire.

I’d inspected my bags so I didn’t have the choice to modification into something else. The circumstance had turned hazardous. exact same thing occurs when we let conflicts linger as well long in our marriages or try to resolve them in unhealthy ways.

What would occur if we treated dispute in our marriages like we treat lingerie?

1. We’d look for methods to get out of it quickly.

2. We’d deal with it with care.

Lingerie isn’t developed for comfort. You’re not expected to be in it long. exact same goes for disagreements with your spouse. We shouldn’t prevent them, however we shouldn’t stay in them long either.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit those were the most unpleasant eight hours of my life. in alcuni casi . . . being unpleasant for a bit while pays off huge in the long-run.

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Maybe you’ve never flown cross-country with a huge crack-burning wedgie (and I wouldn’t recommend it), however you’ve most likely been in other unpleasant situations. perhaps you fight with your other half over as well as over about the exact same thing. perhaps your disagreements last longer than they should. perhaps you have continuous disputes with your mother-in-law or a neighbor or a co-worker.

No one likes the discomfort of disagreements, however they happen. There’s no benefit to either avoiding disagreements or lingering in them.

Marriages don’t break-up overnight. When difficulty shows up in paradise, offer with it. Don’t make the error of enabling disagreements to edge out unity in your marriage.

I’ll be the very first to admit, I’m no pro at dispute resolution. in some cases I let things go on longer than I should.

Traveling eight hours in a teddy in mid-winter was miserable. The airplane was sweltering. I couldn’t take off my coat. The lining stuck to me like Saran wrap. And, I resisted urges to scratch unsuitable locations all the method home.

The discomfort of handling dispute is worth it. When it concerns conflict–like using lingerie–get out of it rapidly as well as protect the harmony of your relationship.

After eight hours of teddy torture, I figured I might rock granny panties for the rest of our marriage. I’d earned it.

How do you offer with dispute in your relationships?

Sheila Qualls is a former private journalist as well as editor for the U.S. Army’s award-winning newspaper, The Cannoneer. Sheila is now a stay-at-home mom, speaker as well as writer. Sheila composes from the experience of 30 years of marriage, five kids, homeschooling, 10 business moves, two dogs as well as a ferret. (May they rest in peace.) She inspires women by providing them a view into her world with a window of humor as well as transparency, one uncomfortable moment at a time. She assists women navigate life’s emotional twists as well as select confidence in the midst of chaos. You can comply with her on Facebook or on her blog at

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